How to make your dreams come true?

Any project can be turned into a top-notch one, and now we will go over the basic principles. Let’s start with having nothing more than an idea and a little money. What do you do next? Create your website! Nowadays, it’s affordable, especially if you’re not running a mega-project. You can build it on WordPress or some other popular CMS, but it’s crucial not to use free builders like Wix or Ukoz.

Pay for the domain and hosting for your website. When you order a website from us, you get a discount on the domain name and free hosting for a year if your site’s size doesn’t exceed 3GB.

Create your email address, for example: [email protected] or [email protected]. Such addresses increase trust in your company, and leave your old Google or Yandex email for personal use.

By investing your time and money in website promotion, you are investing in yourself and your business, which won’t get blocked, unlike social media pages and groups. The exception might be engaging in illegal activities.

Social media blockage can happen at the most inconvenient time due to minor rule violations on a platform or a system glitch.

So, your website is ready! Now, you need to fill it with high-quality content (unique text plus photos and videos about your business). After that, create pages and groups with the same name as your site on the most popular social media platforms. Gradually copy all the content from the site and invite your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.


Using our website as an example, we can see that the scheme resembles a flower, where each new petal ultimately leads a potential client to your website.

Don’t forget to regularly post new content on your website and duplicate it on social media. There are numerous applications available for simultaneous content sharing on all social media platforms, but we do not recommend using them.

After some time, your website will be indexed by search engines and accessible to all internet users. Currently, Google is the global leader in search, but in some regions, other search engines dominate, and it’s important to know this to choose the right advertising strategy.


After optimizing your website, you can start promoting it. Targeted advertising on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube is often ordered, as it’s one of the most effective methods of online promotion. Of course, the success depends on your type of business. For some, even TikTok or a simple mention of the website by a popular blogger can help, while others need to develop a comprehensive promotion plan.

Each case is individual, and, as with any other endeavor, experience is necessary to avoid draining significant advertising budgets. Creating, placing, and promoting ads is our job, and the details cannot be fully covered in this brief article.

Therefore, we’ve tried to provide only the basic framework for building a business online. As mentioned earlier, the promotion method entirely depends on the industry you’re in.

If you’re still unsure about the success of your project, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll help bring your website to the first pages in search engines.


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