USS Salem (CA-139)

We have posted some of our photographs of the Salem (CA-139) museum ship on our Facebook page.

New Changes to the Google Maps Platform

This applies not only to developers, but also to those who use Google Maps on their sites. The changes will enter into force on November 20, 2020. To avoid errors and not to pay more, you need to edit the code a little. Detailed instructions here.

Launching the new GateX project

Today 05/05/2020 opens to all aircraft enthusiasts and professionals our air portal - GateX. We decided to start the photo-video presentation of this event with our favorite small airport “Kiev” named after Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky. More details...


Odessa. House of Trade Unions.

On this memorable day, we found photos in our archive and decided to share with you. We remember those terrible events of 2014 ...


Sikorsky Airport (Zhuliany)

Today we visited Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky International Airport (former Zhuliany Airport) and held a photo shoot for the new GateX aviation portal. We look forward to further cooperation with the airport administration. We will post all the material on our website in the "Portfolio" section and in the blog on the GateX portal.


Blog Resuscitation

Once upon a time we launched our magazine M.I.R. (My Information Resource), in which there were goods and services, as well as a regular blog with interesting topics. And finally, we separated this magazine from blogs and took them to a separate site:
We removed old and irrelevant topics and now we all have to fill it all over again. Join now!


Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Quarantine

Despite the coronavirus, we continue to work fruitfully, but online, so contact us! We wish you good health! Take care of yourself!

Ukrainian village of Central Naddnipryanschiny

A photoshoot of the Ukrainian village of the XIX - XX centuries was held. There are also many compositions from the time of Kievan Rus. It was not possible to remove from the air due to adverse weather conditions. You can familiarize yourself with this material in more detail on Google Maps.

Today, Google again pleased with his letter

According to Google statistics, we set new records! The photo we took of the Boston store "Home Goods" a year and a half ago, gained 1,209,621 views and it's super! And today it was the only good news. The second day, panoramic shooting on Podil in Kiev is postponed due to weather conditions.


This year, we continue to develop several of our projects at once, one of which we already launched in early January.
CROS.TOP is a modern online store of sportswear and shoes. Now we are testing all the modules and filling it with goods.
Our other global projects are still under development and therefore will be presented later.
Here we will also write short notes about interesting facts of the advertising business.

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