Thanks to modern digital technologies, the advertising business has reached a new level.
A bright, high-quality, informative video will tell about your company better than any advertising article, because most people are inert, they are too lazy to read.
Panoramic 3D shooting in reality will demonstrate all the advantages of your institution (hotel, store, restaurant, beauty salon, etc.) and convince potential customers that you really have the best offer.

New York panorama

You can see more panoramas on Google Maps or on the sites of our partners:




Placing photos on Google Maps, as well as positive customer reviews, play an important role in promoting your business. Popularity, and therefore credibility, will help future customers make the right choice and appreciate all the advantages of your offers.
Any potential buyer before visiting or buying something, pre-checks this institution: he looks at photos, videos and reads reviews. The more views, the more customers, which means higher profits!
We regularly post on Google Maps photos of various companies, institutions, institutions, and also share our impressions about them in reviews.
The higher the level of the cartographer who uploads content to Google Maps, the higher the priority when other users display this content.
In addition to ratings, likes and comments also influence the rating of a company.
Remember that popularity is not a constant value, therefore it should be regularly maintained, replenishing your portfolio with new interesting photos and videos, as well as actively communicating with customers. Try not to forget to thank customers for positive reviews and correctly respond to negative ones.

We, in turn, are also very pleased to receive feedback and ratings from you about our work. We really appreciate your attention to our company!

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We post photos, panoramas, videos on Google Maps and other popular resources!


We constantly monitor the market and draw up various schedules to choose the right strategy for our work. All data are taken from open sources and we only use simple mathematical operations to calculate certain parameters. For example, we decided to share with you a schedule of popular social networks built at the end of last year. So: there are 7.7 billion people on our planet, of which 4.39 billion are Internet users.
Accurate social media data is hard to collect because Every day, up to 800,000 new users are registered, which is about 10 accounts per second, which is 3.48 billion per year. Facebook - more than 2.5 billion, YouTube - more than 2.1 billion, Instagram - more than 1.1 billion, TikTok - more than 600 million and Twitter - more than 350 million users.
Based on these data, we construct a graph in percentage terms:
Google Maps has about 1.5 billion users, and this is almost every third inhabitant of our planet connected to the Internet.
Our photos, which we posted on Google Maps, have already gained more than 20 million views, which means that every 75th user of these maps has seen them.
Google Maps34%
Digital Agency MiR 091%
I think this is a great indicator for a small agency that is growing rapidly, increasing its popularity and the popularity of its clients.
By placing photos, panoramas or videos on Google Maps with us just once, you will receive regular views of your company or institution, which means attracting potential customers.
With the help of professional equipment, we make beautiful shots and strive for every resident of our planet to see our best work!
Here is another example from our last work at the gas station:

In just one day, this photo gained 611 views, which Google happily told us about.
You can see even more examples of our work in the "PORTFOLIO" section or directly on Google Maps.

We hope that our statistics helped determine the choice of the right advertising strategy for your business.

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