Who if not we?

Our agency is engaged in the creation, placement and promotion of advertising not only in Europe but also in the USA.
The main direction is the creation of 3D panoramas, slide shows and videos, as well as the promotion of outlets on Google Maps.
Using aerial photography, we create unique photographs and panoramas for placement on our and partner Internet sites so that millions of people can see them.
Our works have already more than 25.5 million views! Read more about our positions on the maps here.

We offer our services to promote your company in any region. We have three tariff plans, choose any suitable for your budget and tasks:

1. Tariff plan "Easy". It includes the following work:

  • Create panoramic photos of the object inside and out using a 3D camera.
  • Create high-quality photographs (4K) of the object inside and outside with a conventional camera.
  • Create high-quality aerial photographs (4K) outside the object using a quadrocopter.
  • Processing photos and panoramas: color correction, cropping, alignment, gluing.
  • Drawing watermarks, logos on photographs and panoramas and creating markup for search engines.
  • Placement of photo material on Google Maps.
  • We leave a short review about teamwork and give a rating.
  • We create small informational content about your organization with unique text (up to 1000 characters).
  • We post all materials (photos and content) on our resources, including in social networks. Our main website is a magazine.
  • For even better attendance at your property, we post the main material on the website of our agency in Portfolio and News.

The price of these services is only $100 for individuals and $111. for legal entities for one object.
Therefore, paying only once, your popularity will constantly grow thanks to properly placed quality content.

2. Tariff plan "Business". It includes all of the above items in the Easy Plan, plus:

  • Full audit of your site.
  • Setting up contextual advertising.
  • Targeted advertising.
  • If necessary, order advertising from popular bloggers of your subject.

The price of such a plan is from $500. Everything will depend on the advertising settings: the number of impressions / cost per click, etc.

3. The tariff plan "Premium". It combines two plans "Easy" and "Business", plus additional points are added:
  • Crowd marketing.
  • UGC (User Generated Content).
  • Mass media.
  • E-Mail Newsletter.
  • Video content.

The main objective of this plan is the comprehensive advertising of your business and careful work with the target audience (TA), so the price starts from $1000.
But the full and final cost must be calculated for each project individually.

Examples of our work with placement on Google Maps

Gas station in Ukraine

Gas station UA

Gas stations in the USA

Gas station USA
As we see here, thousands of views that are only increasing daily.

And here is our comprehensive project - a dental clinic in Cambridge.
During the month of cooperation, the following work was carried out:
  • Made and optimized site.
  • Photo slideshow.
  • Placing photos and panoramas on Google Maps.
  • Creating an account on Instagram and duplicating content from a site on social networks.

After quarantine there will be a global update of business objects on Google Maps, so you need to start promoting your business now, tomorrow it may be too late!

Contact us, we will be happy to cooperate!

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