Having commenced operations in 1999, MiR09 advertising agency now occupies a prominent position in the website promotion segment using diverse advertising tools. In today's world, the Internet provides nearly limitless opportunities for promoting businesses of all kinds. Failing to seize this chance would be a major oversight. We are here to swiftly and effectively promote your website, expanding your business's reach, elevating your brand's profile, penetrating untapped markets, and attracting new customers. You can read more about our history here:

What are we doing now?


From logos, paintings, banners, and animations to videos, infographics, 3D visualization, panoramas (3D tours), aerial photography, website development, and application creation.


Achieve visibility through advertising on Google Maps, publication in the "MIR" (My Information Resource) magazine, placement on popular websites, social networks, and within media outlets.


Elevate your reach with SEO, SMM, contextual and targeted advertising, native promotions, content marketing, crowd engagement, UGC marketing, video advertising, and media exposure.

Why choose us?

Clients from various countries worldwide select us for several compelling reasons: Tailored approach to each project, considering its scale, specifics, and target audience characteristics. We initiate website promotion with a thorough examination and analysis of the business, strengths, weaknesses, and the competitive landscape. Based on this insight, we formulate a unique selling proposition (USP) that positions the company favorably in the market. High-quality output. Our banners, animations, and promotional videos are crafted by qualified, experienced, and, most importantly, creative professionals. The content we generate effectively promotes businesses on the web, distinguishing them from others. Our SEO experts excel in promotion strategies, ensuring the website reaches the TOP of search results. Reasonable pricing. Website promotion costs are determined individually in each case. We strive to select advertising tools that deliver the desired results with minimal financial investment for our clients. Comprehensive approach. Our website promotion strategy considers long-term development. Consequently, we provide continuous support to the website, adjusting our promotion strategy in response to changing market conditions and a growing company's needs. Collaborating with MiR 09 offers businesses the opportunity to ascend to new heights, websites to secure a prominent position in search results, and companies to increase their profits.

Step by step

Comprehensive strategy


Captivating Content!

Our team specializes in creating creative advertising materials that grab the attention of potential customers. We help you stand out among numerous competitors, attracting the right audience for maximum results.
Our goal is happy clients!
We save you time and money!


Media Outreach

After thorough market analysis, we strategically place advertisements on select platforms to quickly reach the right target audience. Additionally, we have our own information resources where we effectively showcase advertising content. With our cutting-edge technologies, you can effortlessly enhance brand visibility.


Achieving success

It’s no secret that promoting your products and services has become increasingly challenging and costly in today’s world. Depending on the nature of your business and your budget, we develop a tailored advertising strategy. We then create advertising content and place it exclusively on selected platforms. Our individualized approach to each advertising campaign allows us to achieve maximum results while minimizing our clients’ expenses.

New technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Some companies have started creating their content using artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the texts have become less original, and the images have become fantastical. In contrast to such companies, we create content manually (with a personal touch), and artificial intelligence serves merely as a tool to expedite mundane processes. For instance, AI can handle the analytics of advertising campaigns and accounting, but generating images and writing texts are tasks that humans excel at. Consequently, the creative process remains in the hands of our experts, free from bot intervention! By the way, you can take the test below. If you are not a bot, then you have emotions. Do you have these emotions?

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