Thanks to modern digital technologies, the advertising business has reached a new level.

A vibrant, high-quality, informative video clip will tell the story of your company better than any advertising article because most people are inert, and they prefer not to read.

Panoramic 3D photography in reality will demonstrate all the advantages of your establishment (hotel, shop, restaurant, beauty salon, etc.) and convince potential customers that you indeed offer the best deal.

Here’s an example of a beauty salon:

Nailed it Outside

You can also view a panorama of New York City in this video:

You can find more panoramas on Google Maps or on our partner websites:


We constantly monitor the market and create various graphs to choose the right strategy for our work. All the data is collected from open sources, and we use simple mathematical operations to calculate specific parameters. For example, we decided to share with you a graph of the popular social media platforms’ activity at the end of the previous year.

So, on our planet, there are 7.7 billion people, of which 4.39 billion are Internet users. It’s difficult to gather precise data on social media platforms because up to 800,000 new users register every day, which amounts to about 10 accounts per second, or 3.48 billion per year.

Based on this data, we’ll create a percentage graph:

2.5 billion 72%
2.1 billion 60%
1.1 billion 32%
600 million 17%
350 million 10%

Google Maps has approximately 1.5 billion users, which is nearly one in every five Internet-connected people on our planet.
Our photos, which we’ve posted on Google Maps, have already received nearly 100 million views, which means that every 14th user of these maps has seen them.

Google Maps

I believe this is an excellent performance for a small agency that is rapidly growing and increasing its popularity, along with its clients.

By posting your photos, panoramas, or videos on Google Maps just once, you will receive regular views of your company or establishment, attracting potential customers. With professional equipment, we capture beautiful shots and strive to ensure that every inhabitant of our planet sees our best work.

We hope our statistics have helped you choose the right advertising strategy for your business.


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