Working for many years, naturally you come across the negative side of our profession.
Unfortunately, even people you know may be unscrupulous, so we decided to announce them in order to protect other people from losing money,
time and most importantly - from shattered nerves.
Here are their bright names:

Vladislav Nebesnyuk (Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 2013-2014) did not pass the project, he was constantly ill, and left the social networks.

Andrey Dresvyankin (Russia, 2018) is a moderator of the nulled forum, no longer responding to messages.

David Gabrielyan (Ukraine, Odessa, 2019), nickname @aioslike - is a very business man, constantly busy with something...

This is our TOP-3 of the most frostbitten people who, with their irresponsibility, cast a shadow on other representatives of the IT industry.
All screenshots of correspondence and payment for their "services" we naturally have.
Our advice: if you still decide to save money and use the services of freelancers, then always use the "Safe Deal" option or directly through the Guarantor.
As practice shows, it is always better to play it safe! If you need a reliable Guarantor in the advertising business -
contact us, we are always ready to organize a safe transaction or conduct an independent examination of the content!

Choose the best, do not waste time and money!

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