The best of the worst

Working for many years, you naturally encounter the negative aspects of our profession. Unfortunately, even people you know may act unscrupulously. This is why we’ve decided to expose them in order to protect others from losing money, time, and, most importantly, their peace of mind. Here are their names:

Vladislav Nebesnyuk

Vladislav Nebesnyuk

He took on website projects and disappeared. After missing all the deadlines, he claimed to be sick. Irresponsible…

Andrey Dresvyankin

Andrey Dresvyankin

He served as a moderator on the ‘nulled’ forum, which he used until 2020. He freelanced, taking advance payments from trusting clients.
He no longer responds to messages…

David Gabrielyan


His username in chats is @aioslike – a very business-oriented individual, always occupied with something. A freelancer and programmer who takes upfront payments and then frequently claims to be too busy. He ignores calls from disgruntled clients…


This is our TOP-3 list of the most unscrupulous individuals who, with their irresponsible behavior, tarnish the reputation of other professionals in the IT industry. We have collected all the chat screenshots and payment records related to their ‘services.’

Our advice: if you decide to save money by using freelance services, consider using the ‘Safe Deal’ option or working through a trusted intermediary. Experience has shown that taking precautions is always the wiser choice. If you require a reliable intermediary in the advertising industry, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to facilitate secure transactions or conduct independent content assessments.

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