How to find an international information resource?

This is our information site mir09.info, where every month thousands of entrepreneurs post ads about their products and services. Completely free and independently you can place your information there. For a fee, we secure your ads and create separate advertising banners that AdBlock does not block.

Why do we need Google Maps?

Millions of people use road maps when moving in space, respectively, they see objects that are in their way. For example, passing a shopping center, you will not see all the shopping boutiques that are there, but only those that are popular and interesting. We help you place your objects on Google Maps for free, and the ads ordered from us will help your objects stand out not only on maps, but also in your Google business account. In more detail we painted it here.

Why are videos needed?

With the development of technology, many people find it easier to watch one video online than to read even a small amount of text. Therefore, we offer our customers, as one of the options for promoting a business, this is video content.
Rollers should be short but informative! For efficiency, your video should be placed not only on the site and Youtube, but also on other video hosting sites, including social networks.
Our specialists will help you create a good video and place it effectively.

Why do we need panoramas?

Mostly panoramic shots (360) are used by realtors to sell / rent real estate. For even more comfortable viewing, we create 3D tours from these images.
Thanks to these virtual tours, you can see all the properties for sale or for rent without leaving your home. From your phone or computer you can look into any room and even any corner of the house (apartment, hotel),
look at the view from the window, go around the perimeter of this object.
Panoramas also often use Google Maps to view streets, houses, and other architectural structures.

What is the magazine "M.I.R."?

This is our magazine of goods and services "My Information Resource", which is still being published only in digital form at two publishers: joomag.com and issuu.com
The main advantage is that your published ad will stay there forever! You can see examples of magazines and read more about placement rules, you can always on our information site: mir09.info

What is SEO?

In short, this is the optimization of your site for issuing it in the top of search engines. There are two types of optimization: internal and external. A detailed description of all these processes can be found on Wikipedia. From myself I can add that it is difficult, long and expensive! Why? And imagine, for example, your website is like a car that should stand out among thousands of other cars and not only in color but also in all other characteristics: design, speed, power... How to do it and how expensive it will be cost? By answering these questions you will understand what SEO is!

What videos can you do?

We specialize in three types: Doodle video, 2D video with infographics and 3D visualization. It all depends on the tasks you have set: presentation videos, congratulatory, social, intro or a simple logo animation.
We can also write a script, do voice acting for a video, apply various special effects, or edit your footage.

Which logo to choose?

At the first stage, we advise you not to devote much time to this issue. We will help you in the shortest possible time and with minimal expenses to make you a good and beautiful logo.
Although the logo is considered an important part of the business, you should always remember that there is a rebranding that will help if major changes are needed in the future.
The main thing is that the business flourishes, and the logo can always be redrawn. Initially, no global company had a perfect logo.

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