Drawing, design of pages, groups, creating a corporate identity, logo
Applications, sites of any complexity: business cards, landing pages, online stores
Optimization and promotion of sites in search engines and maps (Google Maps)
Promotion of accounts / pages / groups, subscribers, reposts, likes
Creation of unique content for advertising / sites / online stores
Professional Translation
Professional Translation$9.99
Translation of texts of any subject
Photo-Video Recording
Photo-Video Recording$50.00
Aerial photography, 3D tours (panoramas), underwater shooting, photo shoots
Video Editing
Video Editing$5.00
Doodle video, 2D video, 3D visualization, photo / video processing

This is only the main part of our services. We provide a lot of passing small works, for example: drawing a logo in vector graphics, formatting images, dubbing videos ... We approach each client individually, so the final price depends on the amount of work and time spent. We have a large archival database, so we can do some work according to the template of similar previous projects, which will significantly reduce the cost and most importantly, the deadlines for the completion of the project.
You are waiting for a nice bonus! When ordering a site from us, there is a discount on the domain (upon registration), plus free hosting for one year and an SSL certificate as a gift! The subsequent payment for hosting will be $ 20 per year, provided that the site size does not exceed 10 Gb.

SEO work includes the following jobs:

  • Keyword research (collecting the semantic core of queries)
  • Technical Optimization Analysis
  • Analysis of the content presented on the key pages
  • On-page key page optimization
  • Usability study (for online stores)
  • Identification and analysis of competitors
  • Link building (outreach, crowd, search for effective sites) - this item is the most expensive, so its cost is negotiated separately.
For link building there is a separate category of specialists (link builders), they work under the guidance of an SEO specialist.
After checking the site, errors may be identified in the code, which will also need to be fixed for a fee.
If you want to promote the site in foreign markets, then the price should also include professional translation of content and keywords.
Do not worry, we always inform our customers in advance about possible additional costs, so you can always refuse this or that service. The decision is yours!
According to the top site promotion, we offer you a choice of three tariff plans:
Small promotion
  • Magazine "MIR"
  • Social network
  • Google Maps
Intensive Promotion
  • Site audit
  • Crowd marketing
  • Contextual advertising
  • Targeted advertising
  • UGC
  • Media
  • E-Mail Newsletter
  • Separate banner in the magazine "MIR"
  • Social network
  • Google Maps

* Prices are in US dollars. The cost of one tariff plan is indicated for one calendar month.

** Price list prices may vary depending on the volume of work, so we calculate each project individually.

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