Any project can be made top-end and now we will analyze the basic principles.
Let's start with the fact that you only have an idea and some money. What to do next?
Create a website! Yes, create your own website! Why?
  • Firstly, it’s inexpensive (of course, if not a mega-project), you can create it on WordPress or on some other popular CMS, but most importantly not on free designers like Wix or Ukoz.
  • Pay for the domain and hosting for this site. This is very important and also inexpensive, and if you order a site from us, you generally get a discount on a domain name and free hosting for a year.
  • Create your own mailbox, for example: or Such mailboxes increase confidence in your company, and leave your old mail from google, or yandex for personal use.
  • By investing your time and money in website promotion, you invest primarily in yourself and your business, which no one will block unlike pages and groups on social networks. An exception may be only illegal activity. And blocking in social networks can come at the most inopportune moment due to some small violations of the rules of this resource or a normal system crash.

So, the site is ready! Now you need to fill it with quality content (unique text plus photos, videos about your business). After that, we create the pages and groups of the same name that are consonant with the site in the most popular social networks. We copy all the content from the site in stages and at the same time invite our friends, acquaintances and colleagues to them.
On the example of our site, we see that the scheme has become similar to a flower, where each new petal will eventually lead to the site of a new client.
Do not forget to regularly post new materials to your website and duplicate them on social networks. For the simultaneous placement of content immediately in all social networks, there are many different applications that we do not recommend using.
After a while, your site will be indexed in search engines and will be available to all Internet users. Today the leader of global search is Google, but in some regions other search engines prevail and you need to know about this in order to properly configure the site.
After optimizing the site, you can begin its promotion. They often order targeted ads on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, because at the moment this is one of the most effective ways to promote on the Internet.
Of course, much more depends on the type of your activity. For some, a simple mention of the site by a popular blogger helps, and for the effectiveness of some, complex advertising is necessary.
Each case is individual and therefore, in order not to drain huge budgets for advertising, experience is needed, as in any other activity.
Creation, placement and promotion of advertising - this is our work, details that cannot be covered in this short article.
Therefore, we have tried to maximally disclose only the basic scheme for building a business on the Internet. And as mentioned above, the method of promotion completely depends on the field of activity.
If you still doubt the success of your project - contact us, we will help bring your site to the front page in global search engines.

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