What is Aerid?

In the fast-evolving world of technology and opportunities related to unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), new terms and abbreviations emerge with enviable regularity. One such term that has started to gain traction among drone enthusiasts and aerial photography aficionados is Aerid.
Aerid is a blend of two English words: “air” and “ride.” This term is used to describe an activity that has become incredibly popular among drone lovers.
Aerid means flying a drone and enjoying panoramic views using virtual reality (VR) goggles, or capturing stunning photos and videos from the sky with a drone.

Why is Aerid so popular among drone owners?

Amazing Views: By flying a drone and using VR goggles, people can experience the incredible sensation of being in the air themselves. This opens up a world of beautiful natural landscapes, urban panoramas, and locations that were previously inaccessible for conventional photography or videography.

Unique Perspective: Drones allow for unique angles and perspectives that were previously hard to achieve. This makes drone photography particularly appealing to photographers and videographers.

Ease of Control: Modern drones are remarkably easy to control, making Aerid accessible even to beginners. They can easily lift and lower the camera, making the shooting process more interesting and creative.

Applications of Aerid in different fields:

Tourism and Travel: Travelers can explore new places and see them from above, making their experiences even more unforgettable.

Architecture and Real Estate: For architects and real estate agents, “Aerid” offers the ability to create impressive panoramic shots of houses and buildings.

Environmental Research: Scientists use drones for monitoring and studying ecosystems and natural resources.

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Aerid is a new and exciting phenomenon in the world of drones and aerial photography. It allows people to explore and capture the beauty of the world from a new perspective, making aerial shooting accessible and engaging. It represents a unique way of combining technology and nature, which will continue to evolve and amaze us with its creativity and potential.


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