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Placing photos on Google Maps and receiving positive customer reviews play a crucial role in promoting your business. Popularity and, consequently, credibility help prospective customers make the right choice and appreciate the benefits of your offerings.

Before visiting or making a purchase, any potential buyer typically checks out an establishment: they view photos, videos, and read reviews. The more views you get, the more customers you attract, leading to higher profits!

We regularly post photos of various businesses and establishments on Google Maps, and we also share our impressions in reviews. The higher the level of the map contributor who uploads content to Google Maps, the greater the priority when displaying that content to other users.

In addition to ratings, company ratings are also influenced by likes and comments.

Remember that popularity is not a constant value, so it should be consistently maintained. Regularly upload new and interesting photos, videos, as well as up-to-date information to your business page.
Try not to forget to thank customers for positive reviews and respond appropriately to negative ones.

Here are examples of our most recent work:

These photos are from a month ago:

And these are from a year ago:

As you can see, the views of our work are increasing every day.

On Google Maps, it’s important to upload not only photos and videos but also 3D panoramas. They help your customers better navigate the space.

For more information about panoramas and 3D tours, you can read our blog.


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